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angelettiruzza design

Fresh timeless simplicity.

Manufactured in original teak wood, UZ is a complete collection of outdoor furniture that considers modernity without forgetting the goodness of the past.

Solid, with generous proportions, UZ generates a sense of intimacy and an immediate connection between the objects and the surrounding environment.

The UZ design reflects the geometrical shape of a cylinder which is interpreted and modeled in height and in diameter to adapt itself to construction requirements.

It is made more complex by a series of tapers, as seen on the armrests of the seats.

Formal simplicity is a profound expression of quality. It means resolving complexity with synthesis, working simply, and creating a new identity.

UZ is a collection with clean lines with great attention to the quality of materials used and attention to executive details.

The legs of the table can be closed, which facilitates the shipment of the product and adds value for those who intend to put away the table for the winter season.

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